Daniel G. Stephenson

Assistant Professor of Economics

Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy


Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

experimental economics, game theory, behavioral economics, mechanism design, contests


Playing the Field in All Pay Auctions (with Alexander Brown)
Experimental Economics (2020)

Coordination and Evolutionary Dynamics: When are Evolutionary Models Reliable?
Games and Economic Behavior (2019)

Continuous-Time Experiments (with Alexander Brown)
The Handbook of Experimental Game Theory (forthcoming)

Working Papers

Assignment Feedback in School Choice Mechanisms

Bargains, Price Signaling, and Efficiency in Markets with Asymmetric Information
with Mark Schneider

Multi-Battle Contests over Complementary Battlefields

Subjective Beliefs and and Price Dynamics: When is Rationality Enough?

Feedback in Rationing Mechanisms (With Alexander Brown and Rodrigo Velez)

Convergence to Equilibrium in Multi-Battle Contests


ECON 338, Game Theory, Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy

SCMA 524, Statistical Fundamentals, Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy

Econ 459, Games and Economic Behavior, Texas A&M University

Econ 202, Principles of Economics, Texas A&M University